my ressources webpage

2013-05-13 08:05:39 by burncore

Is will be une of the madness ressources on all internet, is going to relese soon but it will be take time.
Have dowload, animations, imagenes and a lot of things, it have the mix of nez-man ressources and newground animations things.
Nez-man have the originals madness combat sheet but I organisated all the sheet and put more things in it.
I wish that everyone enjoy my page, will be release soon.


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2013-05-13 08:38:38

Looks like you need an English resource.

burncore responds:

I think so


2013-05-14 05:33:29

Sounds good, that's omething a lot of people will need!

burncore responds:

yes that's why I doing this page


2013-05-14 18:16:35

im gonna need this for sure

burncore responds: